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Our vodkas

Vodka Regulas X-Spirits

Vodka Regular

Our exceptional wheat vodka, attractively bottled with a red X, a nod to the fine red spring wheat variety planted in the spring.

Vodka Superior X-Spirits

Vodka Superior

 Our premium potato vodka has an elegant matte black design, symbolizing the rich soil in which our high-quality potatoes ripen.

Vodka Expresso

Our latest creation. VODKA ESPRESSO flavored vodka is the perfect drink for coffee and vodka lovers.

Vodka Expresso X-Spirits


 Our TROPICAL MANGO VODKA, the perfect combination between this tropical fruit and vodka, results in a strong and fruity vodka.

Vodka Mango X-Spirits

Our gin

Gin Premium X-spirits

Gin premium quality
Juniper & Spirit

Our premium gin with an alcohol content of 40% vol. Surprised by the incomparably refreshing combination of ginger and pink pepper.
The note of ginger and lemon gives the classic juniper aroma a lively freshness and the subtle spicy note of pink pepper complements the spicy taste perfectly.
Made in Austria with high-quality grain alcohol and the best ingredients, our premium gin offers a special and irresistible taste experience: pure, on ice or in mixed drinks.

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